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Preparing the abstract

Abstract should be prepared as a simple text not longer than 3000 characters (including spaces). Some formatting allowed: bold, italic, superscript, subscript, (un)ordered list. It should be submitted through the online submission system prepared for the conference.

Preparing the manuscript

Manuscript should be prepared according to the TEMPLATE. Preparation of the manuscript is solely the author's responsibility and will not be altered by the conference staff. Manuscript will be included in the proceedings as it was submitted through the conference submission system.


Both abstract and manuscript should be prepared in English with sufficiently high academic standard.



Poster presentations must be prepared and exposed in English. Presenters should be sufficiently fluent in English to discuss the poster on high academic standards.


Authors are kindly asked to prepare the posters according to the Template or following the instructions.


Date, time and session room for poster presentations will be displayed in the Conference programme.

Duration / Placing the poster

Each poster must be presented by one of the authors. That includes placing the poster at the proper panel at the requested time, keeping it there during the entire poster session and being present at the poster at the scheduled time.

Other information

Poster session programming committee will strictly vet those not following the guidelines and cancel their participation. If the poster is not displayed and presented, it is automatically cancelled and the corresponding paper will be removed from the proceedings.